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Default Re: 74 Super with Longitudinal Acura 3.2 V6

The stock 'bumpers' are essentially a curved channel. How about beefing up the inside of the channel? To help take an 'impact' use some 1/4" x 2" plate bent to match the inner curve, running across the inside of the bumper all the way to the outer flanges of the stock mounts, and sandwiched between the bumper and the mount. The bolts securing the bumper hold it all together. Between where the rear mounts touch the plate, Skip weld a curved length of 3/4" steel rod to further beef this up. Looks like a 'T' on its' side.
In '75 or so I did this on my Corvair powered '71 Bug so I could mount a trailer hitch, which I needed to tow a Baja project from Santa Rosa to San Jose and back. Yup, I gotta a lot of strange looks.
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