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Default Re: 74 Super with Longitudinal Acura 3.2 V6

I started working on my hybrid axles. I welded the couplers to plates so that I could bolt them to the drill press table in the Auto Shop at the high school where I teach math. I bought a cheap 1-3/8" drill bit. It drilled the first chromoly steel coupler like butter but then I overheated it on the 2nd one. I wasn't able to drill as far as I wanted. But I have more engagement on the 2nd one than the first, because the first one needed to be shorter, so they should both be equally as strong, or weak, haha. I pressed the Acura sides in. The drill press had a noticeable wobble but post press measurements indicate I am within .008" of center. I have found in the past, that this part doesn't matter all that much. There is no way to keep them straight as you weld, because as the weld cools it distorts the shape. Truing them up with V blocks, a dial indicator and an H press (or maybe a big hammer) are where you get them straight.

I also ordered a spherical aluminum shift knob. Looks like a doorknob, doesn't it? It had a 10mm threaded hole. I drilled it out and rethreaded it (crookedly) for 12x1.5. I held it in my hand (so I didn't scratch it) while drilling it out in small increments on my little drill press.

It has the wrong shift pattern (5 speed) stenciled on top, but I think it will wear off. I think I figured out that my shift pattern is backward, 1st gear forward and to the right. I obviously couldn't find a knob with that pattern. I think I will go to a graphic artist and have a sticker made for the dash with my 6 speed pattern, once I'm sure what it is.

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