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Had a good productive weekend. Gotta love the long weekends! Got my hood lock installed. Wanted to make sure I got locking hood pins because this is where my battery and all my witing will be housed.

Also got the bottom of the dash/wiring compartment put in. Threw and old battery in there to make sure my fit was good. Was close but more than enough room.

Got my rad cradle installed and the frame horns removed. I still need to plate in the frame, but had to throw the rad on there to get a look.

Stoked with how that looks on there. Can't wait to get the engine in!

Trimmed and capped off the rear frame rails. Just cleans things up nicely.

Got my piston tail light installed. Just need to put the electronics and lenses on.really diggin' these!

Had to get a shot with the rad and the cowl templates on there for a more complete picture. Can't wait to get the engine in there and get the cowl finished up. Stoked with how this is all coming along!

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