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Default Re: O/T computer help desk thread

The tech at Circuit City couldn't exactly help me out. He said the .bin file had nothing to do with it but he told me to call Linksys support to see if they can help.

I called and after 45 minutes I have a new password and can now log on to the internet with my iTouch as well as let my mom connect with her laptop when she visits again.

I only had to fly half way around the world to get help. I started out by visiting India for about 20 minutes where a very nice woman helped me as best she could before sending me to the Phillipines (sp?) where a guy who goes by the name SupaLeo got me up and running. Great guy. Nick, do you know him?

Thanks for all the help. Sorry I sent everybody the wrong way but I guess that's what happens when you put a dumbass in charge of giving directions.
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