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Default Re: O/T computer help desk thread

USS Peleliu Public Affairs Division needs YOU!
(or a minute of your bandwidth more specifically..)

Long Story Short:
We need a patch from Microsuck that I can't download due to the restrictions on our network/idiocy of the Navy.

If anyone is running a genuine copy of windows and wouldn't mind downloading this update "WindowsXP-KB922120-v5-x86-ENU.exe" from here and e-mailing it to me at I'd appreciate it..

Short Story Long:
The Navy bought us two new photo editing workstations, but since these are brand new machines, they came preloaded with Vista Ultimate. This is my first Vista experience as I have been avoiding it like the plaque and already I wish I still had no experience with it. In order to get these two machines to recognize the existing XP machines on our network, we need that update file. These computers are all on a stand-alone network that can't access the internet or anything else on the ship. So i use one of our internet computers to locate that file and find out that the network restrictions are so tight that they won't allow the Microsoft Validation tools to run to verify that our Windows are legal.
So I call our computer department people and they tell me that we can't download updates because our licenses don't allow it. And even if we could get the file from MicroSuck, we aren't allowed to install it until it's been approved by the chain of command. I tell them it's on a stand-alone network and not their system and they say, "ok, but we still can't download anything from Microsoft, if you can find it on another site, we can help you get it."
I found it on one site, but it times-out when I try to download it (it's >1mb so I'm not sure why it's timing out..)
Which leaves me bugging you guys as a last resort. If no one can, it's no biggie, i'm not going to get in trouble for not getting it running and I'm not going to get any special recognition for going this far out of my way to get it running, I just figured I'd give the extra mile a try..

any who, sorry for the long post.. I can't wait to get home to my personal XP Pro machine.. maybe the 64-bit updates will be fairly decent by the time I get there since when I left a lot of things didn't work right yet..

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