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Thanks for the comments folks. Moving forward with this design. I have decided I am going to make patterns and let Fred at Seaport Casting make them for me out of aluminum. Seaport is the same company I used for the Volksrods hood ornaments.

So, I need to make a matched set of the wings from a material that Fred can use as a pattern for the casting process. I have some high density renboard (polyurethane modeling plank). I cut some different thickness slabs of it on my table saw to make hte various pieces.

It turns out that I can cut the renboard on the laser over at TechShop, so I did that last night. This picture shows my original hand cut mock-up (the green one) and the pieces I cut on the laser including a couple that are still nested in the original plank. I added a small tab to the back side of the pieces. This will be shaped to fit inside the side trim molding to make that interface cleaner. I also had to split the parts to get them to fit on the material I had. I added some simple keying features to help get things lined up.

and here are a couple of shots of the pieces dry assembled. I have started to add the radii and the draft angles to the parts at this point.

Some more sanding and contouring to do and then I need to glue the pieces together, do the finish sanding, and seal the patterns up with a couple of coats of paint. Then I can drop them with Fred for casting.
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