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Cool Re: Type 3 VolksRod

Originally Posted by jaransonT3 View Post
Been plugging away at small stuff. Too cold to go out in the garage and tackle the body.

I got all the latch hardware located, cleaned and ready for re-install. I cut out new door cards and ordered the green metalflake vinyl for the interior inserts. I also found a pair of "Z" armrests that I am thinking of using. Need to decide what I am doing for the interior door release handle still.

I have also decided to go ahead and use the grey leather I have for the interior. It will go great with the green metalflake vinyl, plus I already have it. That decision did cause me to rethink the exterior color. As much as I liked the Safari Beige with the green metalflake roof, it just won't go with the grey and green interior. Plus I couldn't find a tan or other color for the interior that I liked.

So...I am going to go with a shiny light grey exterior. Will look something like this...

Thinking about using TCP Global's Mesa Grey...

Here is a link...

TCP Mesa Grey

Fiddling with other things like the gage cluster, and seats, and stuff.
Go for it From what i've seen you'll pull it off.
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