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The 501's will run fine with tubes. Buy new rim strips and tubes with the tires. On my '82 Yamaha Seca, which has similiar rim sizes to your 550F, I run a MM90-18 Dunlop Qualifier on the front and a 120/90 18 on the rear. These sizes sould be available in the 501's. I forget what the MM means but I think it's a 90. Rolling diameter of the front tire is 26-1/2" and the rear is 26." Width of the front at widest point is 3-3/4" and rear 4-3/4". The tires should look nice on your bike, work well in the water and make for good handling.
Don't forget to check your headset bearings. I run tapered rollers in all my bikes, and they really help on the older bikes which came with ball bearings. If you adjust the headset bearings and (with the wheel off the ground) they take a "set' at any point, they're shot. Your bike has really low miles but sometimes when the shop set up the bikes when new, they didn't properly lube these bearings, if at all.
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