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Default Re: Motorcycle Thread

Originally Posted by V8Transporter View Post
The 501's will run fine with tubes. Buy new rim strips and tubes with the tires. On my '82 Yamaha Seca, which has similiar rim sizes to your 550F, I run a MM90-19 Dunlop Qualifier on the front and a 120/90 18 on the rear. These sizes sould be available in the 501's. I forget what the MM means but I think it's a 90 (most catalogs will have a conversion table). Rolling diameter of the front tire is 26-1/2" and the rear is 26." Width of the front at widest point is 3-3/4" and rear 4-3/4". The tires should look nice on your bike, work well in the water and make for good handling.
Don't forget to check your headset bearings. I run tapered rollers in all my bikes, and they really help on the older bikes which came with ball bearings. If you adjust the headset bearings and (with the wheel off the ground) they take a "set' at any point, they're shot. Your bike has really low miles but sometimes when the shop set up the bikes when new, they didn't properly lube these bearings, if at all. Also check your wheel alignment with a string or straight edge, as the factory marks on the swing arm at the axle bolt can be 'iffy.' Having good HS bearings and the bike properly aligned make for nice handling VS. scary.
When I run around on a bike with tube tires, I carry a patch kit and small tire irons, just in case. In 49 years of riding I've needed the kit only a couple of times, but it sure is nice. And the couple of times I had a flat and didn't have one, well, they were really a pain.
Hey, have you checked out Cafe Racer magazine? Good articles and neat bikes.
Right on! I'll go through all the bearings, see what's worn, and go from there. I'll make sure to read up on headset bearing adjustment and wheel alignment, although wheel alignment seems pretty straightforward.

So you're saying it'll be fine to run a tubeless tire with a tube/wire wheel? Is that safe? That would sure make things more simple... There's really not much out there for the tube crowd. How do the 501's you have on your bike wear?

Just got done ordering aftermarket signals, clipons and a bar-end mirror. It'll be nice to get the stock bars off.

I'm going to run off a top triple tree for it at school on the HAAS. Would anyone be interested in one also? Just a short run so the school doesn't shit a brick.

Thanks V8!!!
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