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Default Re: Motorcycle Thread

Originally Posted by fungus View Post

Just got done ordering aftermarket signals, clipons and a bar-end mirror. It'll be nice to get the stock bars off.
I just got a set of clubmans for mine. Because the wires run through the stock bar I'd have to some drilling and cutting to make them work. I've decided to make my own clip ons since most I see on ebay and such are kind of scary in the way they are made.

I'm using a pair of bars from the rf600 parts bike I have and will weld them to a "cradle" I'm having a friend make for me. once that's done i'll make a bracket to weld it to so I can mount them to the top of the triple tree using the fork tube bolts. I'll post pics later once I finish the pieces and start putting it together. They're actually based on a design made back in the day.
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