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Default Sway away help needed please

My car has sway away adjusters and a ball joint beam with drop spindles. I was going to lower it by about 10mm or so so started to slacken off the bolts. On the bottom adjuster as I started to slacken the top bolt that goes inside to the leafs, the bolt sprung out and I think it has turned inside as I cant see the tread any more.

The car was suspended on jack stands with wood blocks under the wheels to stop them dropping. It felt like there was tension to the spring.

I took the same one out on the top adjuster and noticed the small internal grub screw was in the bottom hole. Should they be on the top with the adjustable bolt in the bottom?

Also, am I correct in assuming that if I undo the castle nuts on the ball joints, will I be able to just twist the arms back to where they should be so I can put all adjuster bolts back on and set the height.

Hope this all makes sense
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