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Default Hot Air-Cooled Nights - August 9
Location: Reno, NV   

Volks Kruizers, and I'm sure some other local clubs and what not, are hosting our first of two VW shows of the year.

August 9, 2008

Entry is $7 (I think - I'll check)

Amendment 21 parking lot, downtown Reno, Nevada.

During Hot August Nights, downtown, at the end of the "closed" cruise "strip".

Hot August Nights drag racing out in Fernley (30 minutes from Reno) Friday and Saturday too - we're hoping for a few dubs out there.

I'll post up some directions to the show once we get the best route ironed out. The Amendment 21 bar is located at Liberty and Sierra, south downtown Reno. There's a big parking lot between Sierra and Virginia at Liberty that we're overtaking for the day.

Pre-book is available. Again, once I know more info I'll let y'all know.

We have 250 spots in the parking lot. 30 tickets were sold to some So-Cal club, and there's about 80-100 local Reno/Sparks/Carson City cars expected, so book early.
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