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a while ago i was voted to be the activities director for our club. yesterday was the first activity. in the morning my wife asked "how many do you think will show up?" i replied "three. me, the car owner. marc, the car mover. donald, the host garage." sure enough i was right, but no matter we got a ton of things done to the bug. we all learned how to compress strut springs the wrong way and the right way. so we lowered the car about 4" in the front. we put the disk brakes on the front, only to find out the master cylinder dosent work the front brakes. but that didn't really matter as we had to remove the calpers to get the wheels to go on and roll. we also installed new polyurethane bushings in the front-end and a 7/8" sway bar to boot.

this tuesday is the next club meeting and i will be up on a soapbox about how Freakin' lazy the club is. and i hope the next activity will have a better turn out. the next activity will be my car again to swap the m/c, install the rear disc brakes, and lower the rear of the car 1 spline to give it the proper rake.
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