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I say this all kidding aside guys...there are plenty of kooky ass situations where a Chilton's or John Muir manual just won't give you the whole answer...but changing the throttle cable is NOT that situation. If you don't already own one (probably both) of these books, drive someone else's NON-air cooled VW to Barnes and Noble and buy them immediately. Without them, you're just guessing or incredibly gifted mechanically speaking. Just because people refer to VW's as being "easy to work on" or the like does not mean that all people were born with the knowledge base to work on them.

I'm not getting down on you in particular MadPB, but these kinds of questions confuse more than irritate me, for your own sake if not everyone elses, go buy those books or you'll end up fucking your own car up in the long run.

If you plain refuse to buy the books, a search on here,, and WILL yield you the results...if it hasn't been discussed any of those three places, it's not on an air-cooled VW. I've wondered if maybe there couldn't be a thread made up completely of questions that people preface with "I know this is a stupid question but..." or "This is a newbie question but..." All that being said, I've asked dumb question just like everybody else.
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