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Originally posted by Turd Ferguson@Apr 7 2005, 10:31 PM
I say this all kidding aside guys...there are plenty of kooky ass situations where a Chilton's or John Muir manual just won't give you the whole answer...but changing the throttle cable is NOT that situation. If you don't already own one (probably both) of these books, drive someone else's NON-air cooled VW to Barnes and Noble and buy them immediately.
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i'll agree with the idiot manual but i think chilton and haynes manuals aren't worth the paper they're on. if you only buy one manual get the muir idiot manual. if you're going to buy another, get the bently manual for your specific model. they have TONS of information and unless you have an early car, they're pretty reasonable. in fact, i just got my jc whitney catalog today and even the early type one bentley's are only $55. well worth it if you ask me. think of it as a text book.

i'm really scared but i'm even more confused, so i end up doing nothing.

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