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I used to have one of these (not this particular one, but same year, model and colours)

It was an '83 CBX550F and was a Europe and Canada model only. It was an inline 4 with quad carbs and mine had a 4-1 header. It just flat out screamed! It would easily keep up with the mid 90's ZX6 and 7 Kawi's and with the huge dual inboard vented brakes it could stop on a dime. I absolutely loved that bike but after throwing rods in 2 different motors I decided to give it up. Turns out there was a factory design flaw in the oiling system that would cause one rod bearing to run dry so almost all of these bikes threw a rod at some point. I found out after selling the bike that it is a simple fix and I wish I would have kept it. One day I'd like to get another one if I could ever find another one...


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