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Default Re: O/T computer help desk thread

Originally Posted by Mikelrome View Post
I got a adware thing that left a big red dot with a white x in my tray. then every 5-15 min it would pop up some anti viruis add. so I ran a maware scan did the clean up. when my computer went to restart it said the.. Hell i can't rember what was sut off to protect my computer. any hoo I figured i would just run a recovery disk and all would be well. I lost everything. Is there any way to get my stuff back?

WEll..... on an average day id say yes. but easy it is not. even if you reformat a drive and do a recovery the old data is still there but needs to be retrieved by a data retrieval person. some places can charge you a minimum of 300 bux to retrieve it.
i would charge most folks 150 if the drives not to bad.

for learning purposes i always tell folks back up your important files by using a external backup drive. and the programs they come with can auto backup folders and files you tell it to on a regular basis so just in case you get the killer adaware/virus/trojans on your system and you cant remove them using any software or knowledge of the registry then you can at least have the files you want to save on a seperate drive from your operating system.

I never knew i looked so good until i was diagnosed with ms.
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