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Default Re: O/T computer help desk thread

Originally Posted by p1zl3 View Post
Gotta love open source! Only problem is having to run emulators for every windows based program you launch, but as far as tweaks, cutting edge design and durability are concerned; Linux/Ubuntu/Madriva etc etc etc, is top knotch! (not to mention it's %100 free!)
I've been running Windows based OS's/directory organizers since the glory days of WinTree and DOS, so I have a bias or two; but it's a time-tested relationship!

...oh, and f*ck MAC! Steve Jobs can blow me! Macintosh is a hype perpetuated company and their systems lack functionality, tailorability, and overall dependability! Only thing MAC has going for it is aesthetics, but who really gives a flying-f*ck if the little LED in the front of your laptop pulses when it's charging?!?!? Is that worth the $1500 extra bucks you spent to buy it?

Ok, I'm done bitching...

I actually like macs. Its like ubuntu for old people. And without OS X we wouldn't have Vista. Yay microsoft, stealing someones idea and making it crappy-er
Then again I haven't liked windows sence they booted DOS
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