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Default Re: O/T computer help desk thread

for all you techies out there.

my first comp was a radio shack trs-80 followed by the commodore vic-20. i love those days. it made learning fun.

for all you folks out there who say vista sux..well unfortunately you are right if you have anything less than vista ultimate. i use ultimate on all my comps and both laptops. i will say tho i dont use the official version i use slipstreamed and streamlined versions off the net.

i love open sourece its a great learning tool.

windows has a program out there called virtual pc.

i use this on a seperate partition and ren muliple oses on my machine now. so when im doing a remote desktop i dont have to remember how to do something i can just look at it on my tower at same time i have vista on one monitor and xp on another and me on one etc..

try it out.


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