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Default Re: I build things...only smaller....

Originally Posted by Steve View Post
No problems here. I think these things are most definitely worthy of their own thread.
Great man, Thanks!

Originally Posted by alykat View Post
Great work! I would like to see a pic of a person holding one so so I can fix a basis of scale in my mind.
I will take a pic tomorrow for scale but for reference, these models have a wheelbase of about 12 inches.

Originally Posted by purplemyth View Post
like I said, there is no RC thread, so ya done good as boss said
That bus puts the DUB City RCs to shame
Ha! Thanks.

Originally Posted by 1959cutter View Post
franklin,youre cars rock!
hey in my work as a dental technitian,I have a 5'X5' vacuume forming machine for vacuuming impression tray's. this will work better than any toy (you can find them cheaper on craigslist)the plastic blanks can be purchased at Patterson dental supply. call them and tell them of you're Idea and they will help you find the right thickness sheets to buy.the sheets cost about 14.00 for 25.
I hope this helps.P,S. they alst forever even with daily use.
Originally Posted by 1959cutter View Post
on a second note: if you need anything done,I would be glad to form anything you might need,without having to purchace a machine.
OK-will keep that in mind. Right now, these are one-offs but if there is a need to dupe anything I will get in touch. Looks like a cool machine.

Originally Posted by V8Transporter View Post
Hey, that is amazing work! I thought that they were full scale. The detail is just incredible.
Appreciate the feedback. Inspiring. Thank you.

Originally Posted by Steve White View Post
I 2nd everything that has been said. I too thought the first car was real when the thread first opened up and my first thought was "holey shit!.. look at that front beam!"

That is a big front beam-agree. Tamiya makes the front suspension and while it is beefy, it hold up well in this scale. i think if it were scaled off the real 1:1 dimensions, it would not be strong enough to bash around.

Very very impressive. Welcome to the site, you belong here :D
Really appreciate it. Thank you.
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