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Default Re: Hood Ornament

A few years ago I was playing around and cast an aluminum hood ornament using the one that is on the hood of a Bug as my pattern.
I made 2 of them using 2 different types of aluminum, Mt Dew alloy what I call "canaluminum" (made from only aluminum Mt Dew cans, code Red to be exact) and "356 alloy aluminum" which when polished looks real nice compared to Mt Dew can aluminum.

About the end of 2009 (I think) I did a 3rd using the 356 alloy trying to make the finished part as thin as I could possibly get it, well it didn't turn out very well due to it being so thin and parts of my molding sand falling in not letting the mold cavity fill all the way.

Well here's a picture of all three of them from left to right, the first one I made using "canaluminum", the one in the middle is made using "356 alloy" as well as the one at the right.
I'm gonna try to make another one using the one on the right as my pattern and once mounted on the hood (or elsewhere) cut the outside circle "feeding gates" off and just leave what's left of the VW emblem and it's circle and the so it looks as if it has oxidized away giving it that old rustic "Rat Rod" look to it

Once I let it oxidize a bit, then run some sand paper over it to shine the high parts it will look nice
as well as old and ratty

Maybe I'll make a set of ear rings out of the other 2, or 2 big VW necklaces (ear rings may stretch your earlobes a few inches if worn for extended periods of time)

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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