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Default Re: What did you do yesterday...

Yesterday I pulled the Edelbrock 4 barrel of the Single Cab as it is running rough and won’t idle. When I removed the top of the carb, I found about 1/8” of a grayish gummy residue in the float chambers. Some of it sort of ‘chunky’ but soft.
The last time this happened about two years ago, I found the Ethanol in our crappy gas was eating the 3M rust inhibitor I sealed the 24 gallon steel tank with when I built it some 60k ago in the mid-80’s. I ended up installing a new (stock repro, no liner) aftermarket tank, all new fuel lines, fuel pump and carb. I’ve put on less than 1500 miles and the gummy crap is back. I’m wondering if the short sections of ‘rubber fuel lines could be the problem. I’m also running two in line fuel filters. Plus a Lucas additive.
Any suggestions are appreciated.
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