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Default Re: A Threesom With Two Fat Chicks

Don't realy have an up date. I have been realy buisy at work finnishing my second 60+ hour week, and will be on vacation all next week. so If I find my camera there may be som pics. Some changes th the drivetrane may be coming. I origonaly was going to run the 5.0 with 3 duces. Then since i didnt go with drums up front, I decided fuel injection would be the way to go. I dont realy like how the 5.0 looks F.I. on an open fender car. I have kicked around the idea of putting twin turbos on the 5.0 to promote a more simetrical look. Then it occored to me I have a Northstar sitting on the floor in my shop just waiting for a moment like this. Any way decisions decisions.
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