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Hello, I'm Chris, AKA Zee. Currently live in the suburban blights of Portland, Oregon.

Grew up in the desert of Southern California (Barstow), joined the coast guard before I graduated and spent 10 years roaming around with them. Currently work as a computer dude. Found the site shortly after reading about Pistol Pete's accident. Registerd in April after a lot of lurking.

VW History: Spent my high school years wrenching on all sorts of cars but especially bugs. First car was a '66 'Cal Look' Baja (Featured as a 'Pile of the Month' in VW Trends circa 1988). The front had been lowered by removing a couple leafs from the stack, the rear was cut and had huge dumbo ear baja fenders. Motor was a 1958 36hp with a 12v Porsche generator (ooohhhh!). Problem with that is it doesn't line up the pulleys so I could only use worn out belts (which was a bennie for my friend with the '71 bug, trading new belts for worn in ones). Cut up the bug the rest of the way and put a fresh baja kit all around, double tube bumper and rear cage, lifted those swings as high as was safe and put coil overs on the rear corners, updated the interior, new front beam, 31x10.50 in back, 285/78/15 up front and ran the hell outta that 36hp. Sold it before joining the military.

Currently I lack a garage or place to work on any toys, but someday soon hope to have a garage and land a good pre-67 bug to rod up. Barring that if I come across a nice notch, that will become the project.

I like to weld, mostly make sculpture stuff out of scrap using mig, tig and oxy. I play guitar (although I've been pretty lazy the last few years), listen to most music but especially dig rockabilly and bluegrass.

Cal-Look Baja '66

Shortly before selling it

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