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Default Re: What have you been doing during lockdown

Excellent, Ron... I've had so many things like that turn into money pits, I can't imagine having an outcome that positive. LOL
It's a good idea to get your compressor fixed... I find I can't live without one. I have so many things I work with air... I'm so dependent on them I have 2 6o gallon IR 3.5 hp units... One was a fluke, I got for free, and both are kept in working order... Hook both up to my manifold and I can get some serious sand blasting done even... Since I have to give up Powder coating, I could probably take a loss and lose one of them now... Pacemakers don't like the 100kv power exposure, and Doctors tell me no more anything with high voltage. I can't weld anymore either. Shooting off my left shoulder is outta the question as well (That one didn't even have to be said, but they told me anyway...) I'm starting to fall apart at 56...You've been falling apart longer so Maybe I can get some pointers as I come undone. You seem to have a great disposition and positive attitude toward life as you approach your life's goals and issues. I hope to keep myself on a similar track.
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