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Default Re: What have you been doing during lockdown

Scott, celebrate every day like is your birthday, I've been doing that for almost 3 years now, even if I feel miserable I try to force myself to do something, last Saturday I was sicker than I've been in years, my wife says I worked myself sick, I can't remember that last time I vomited, I know it's been at least 12 or 13 years ago, and that may have been from drinking to much

As for birthdays, January 2nd was my 2nd 20th birthday (20 years since my mom gave me one of her kidneys) April 20th is gonna be my 3rd 15th birthday (pancreas transplant) my wife says I'm not special enough to get anything other than a kick in the ass, but hey, it keeps me moving

As of October 9th I have been off all pain pills, I did finally get me a marijuana card, that really helps the most, pretty sure that's what makes it easier to sleep, eat and keep me motivated, I've been cooking a lot too

Today I picked up a Harbor Freight compressor pump, it was half off, it's for my big compressor I was given a couple years ago, 60 gallon tank but the pump was shot, all original was manufactured in 1946, I got this
I just need to buy a different tube/hose to connect it to the tank, it has a 3/4 or 1 inch tube, my original one is 5/8, hopefully I can just buy an adapter to hook it up, I'll find out tomorrow

I strapped the fuel tank on the back of the Volksrod hooked up the battery, jumped the starter and it fired right up, moved it and now I have room The funny part about it is my oldest son lives a few miles away, my wife called him this morning to help me move the Eldo, his daily driver wouldn't start, she was gonna tease him and say well the Volksrod was in 3 pieces and hasn't run since June, and it fired right up, she didn't because she didn't wanna ruin his day

The cutting shall begin soon

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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