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Default Re: Bug to 32 on the HAMB forum...

Right? I remember the big fight a couple years back...was it Walt? I'm too tired to look it up, but I remember a few threads on how much they like VWs.

We have a local car club that is "American only". They totally bash the VW, but every one of them has shared the "back when I was..." story of their old bug, ghia, bus or fastback and what a wonderful car it was.

But then they quickly add that now that they are older (average age in this club is probably 65) and they only drive REAL cars - and that VWs are for losers.


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Don't be Fucking stupid.

The bolt is Fucked, it won't fix it's self,
the Bolt Fairy won't fix it, and you can't fix it.

I know there is a Full Moon, but quit Fucking around.
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