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Default Re: Bug to 32 on the HAMB forum...

The Hamb isnt about old cars... Its about traditionally done Hot Rods. That eliminates everything but traditional built Hot Rods. I for one think its cool they try to keep their forum on topic and in essence pure old school hot rod. The club hot rod forum is about anything hot rod so bugs are more than welcome there. If this forum was an early German tin only forum I would expect it to be just that. I wouldn't be getting all sideways if I tried to post something on their site that wasnt in keeping with what their forum is all about. Your right there are a few snobs, know it all's, attention whores, and want to be's, on the Hamb but Ive seen those guys on every forum I visit. I come here to talk non stock VW's and there to talk traditional hot rod. So what is the sister site here for? Any hot rod talk?

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