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Default Re: Bug to 32 on the HAMB forum...

Originally Posted by V8Transporter View Post
I just love the term "Traditional Hot Rods." Back in the day, the guys I knew drove cars they themselves had built. Among them.. a 327 powered MGA; a 289 powered MGB; A 427 powered Austin Healey, lots of fifties' Chevys, a h hemi-powered 53 Ford, my nailhead powered '47 Ford coupe, a Trubo Corvair, a 312 powered '40 ford Coupe...and everyone got along. A THR was whatever you built yourself.
Precisely..since when did traditional hotrods involve Air conditioning and crate motors? From what i've seen from vintage pictures and stuff its cars that people experimented on and built using what ever parts they could get! I saw a hotrod built in 1954(?) using a chopped 30's ford deuce that was welded to the frame using stick welders and alot of junkyard parts and a mercury flathead.. The farm kid painted it with house paint and had fun with it. Must've been something to see in the day. I've seen the hamb and have no desire to really browse it. If I pick up a a vintage 1950's flathead 6 mopar I may go over there to do some research but not sign up I'd rather ask you lot if you have any experiences.. Maybe go the sister forum and see what happens.

I really enjoy this site because there doesn't seem to be an element of "stick up asses" here. Sure the noobie bashing was a bit worrying, but I just stuck around took the smacks and Now you can't get rid of me!

If I seem a bit hostile to other car scenes I don't mean to be I enjoy all cars, yet most of the time I don't enjoy the scenes or the cliches. I get tired of car bashing (thats not out of joking or fun) or just general hostility. Being young alot of the car crowd seems to get generally pissy towards interest in the older cars... Whats the issue with young people liking older cars?

Also went to the hamb.. Apparently they want back the forum.. I'm guessing it got wacked since it wasn't American steel and somebody made an offensive joke involving henry ford and hitler.. I'm smelling excuse to just get it off since we got mentioned in it.. Really annoying. Also apparently the volksrod name pisses off that lot!

Pissing off purists since day one really seems to apply there
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So JiI is an older DrHax? are sooo fucked!

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