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Originally Posted by V8Transporter View Post
I talked with a guy last week who was driving a flat black red wheeled Model A roadster built by a local shop. In fact, the shop builds a lot of these for well heeled folks. The driver said he'd always wanted a hot rod, but didn't have the talent to build it on his own. This guy knew all about the car and wore a grin the whole time we talked.
A positive aspect of guys like this, is that their hard earned bucks support shops like the one mentioned above, my buddy's shop, and lines my wallet at times too.
Yeah those guys are fine. Its the investment type people who just buy the car yet can't talk about it that are annoying. I've met a few people who had cars built to use as summer daily drivers. They know about the car or people who have a car restored. Its the people who open up their wallet and only see in numbers that are usually snobs.
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