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Default Re: Bug to 32 on the HAMB forum...

Originally Posted by Metal Twister View Post
So whats the difference between those guys and the guy who buys a Plymouth Prowler or a new style what ever, then has a paint job done on it just to show it off? I guess what I dont get is who gets to say what is right and wrong? Is there a rule somewhere that you cant talk about your ride unless you built it, or be a snob about if you want?
I build cars for a living, mostly the old stuff. Ive walk up behind guys at car shows and they are telling people all about what they did to their cars and how they did it... When they turn around and see me standing there they almost faint realizing that I built their car for them and I over heard what they said. Ya know I could care less! I'm not into these things for the ego factor. I do it because I love building stuff and am good enough at it that people want to pay me to do it for them. Mr. customer bought the bragging rights as far as I'm concerned.

I like talking VW here and old school hot rod on the Hamb and to be honest I don't give a rats ass if the guy built it himself or not. I certainly wouldn't let it affect the way I thought about him one way or another? If he was a snob so be it... Doesn't affect me in any way.

Call me stupid but I just don't get that "I built it and I'm someone for doing it" stuff? Who cares... Enjoy it to the max for what it is. It can be a total POS or a show stopper... its all good and worth a look at and a discussion dont ya think? If the guy blows smoke up your ass just smile and move to the next one. Very few people do everything on a car all by themselves with no outside help or input.

More closer to what I was trying to say. Basically I don't like people who come to shows with trailer queens collect trophies to increase the value of the car then move on. I don't like people who only see the cars in $$$ and then knock other cars that are less $$$ then what you think your cars worth. I have issues with assholes and strict purists.. That why I enjoy the 1958 because its pissed off so many people and has been so much fun. It's even pissed off people who thought it was wasn't worth what we paid then Hagerty valued it at 13k That shut up a few of the american iron snobs. I can't wait till I get my poor man's porsche motor in it.
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