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How about spraying the molds down with Diet MT DEW and then seeing the look on Jaranson's face when he realizes that shit is eating the molds like hydrochloric acid!

So last night I go over to my 'rents house to pick up my radical-ass O.G. 1975 open face motorcycle helmet, complete with hand cut yellow reflective tape lightning bolts (+5 mph!!). I wanted to get it ready for the glorious creation JJ is about to send my way.. I go downstairs to the basement shelves where it has lived in it's retired glory since 1982 when I got my first full face and WTF??? Where's the shelves????? . So I call my mother, who was in port in St Kitts on a cruise. Damn right I'm gonna make her spend $48 answering my call. WHERE'S MY HELMET????? You know., the one that has been in a bag on the shelf for 30 years???

"OH, we decided to throw everything out down there, it was just sitting there and ".... WHAT??ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS???? you're just fucking with me right? What about my wood footlocker??? The one with every one of the 30 OG GI Joes in their original boxes???? We took it all to the dump last weekend. That's what we needed you trailer for last week.


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