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Default Re: '37 Volkster Coupe

Originally Posted by 1jarhead2 View Post
Roflmao. That is awesome. I had a guy tell me,not knowing that das Speedster is my car,"I dont know why this car is here,all he did was cut the roof off and remove the fenders". I just laughed and shook my head. I guess we could have saved us hours of labor and just cut the roof off or buy a
I'm a noob to the topless Volksrods, but only working on mine for a week with no engine swap from rear to front, and pretty much just reuseing all the old parts.... not easy. Had a nabor guy come to see what I'm doing and when he went to open the front hood he was surprised to see no engine, he is also a hotrod know it all too.... Re-useing the roof over the back still isn't just putting it back there, alot of time gets put into just chopping it in half and leveling the dam thing to make that body line you want. You guys are definatly the masters of VW roadsters.
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