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Originally Posted by DrHax View Post
Oh boy here it comes! I was gonna chop the roof off of mine and do a creighton style chop.. Basically combine fernon but take a small glass windshield and slant it back. Some hotroder named Creighton did it to a new bug back in 1956! so yeah one of the, if not the first, chopped bugs. the only reason why I didn't is because I bought my 1966 parts bug and it came with everything I needed to build a nice hotrod.

Still I look forward to your chop!

Just curious i've seen other members get worried about the dreaded mot? How is it where you are? Just curious.

I'll shut up and let you get back to the chopping

Is it done yet?

Yeah thanks. I look forward to the chop too but trying to blindly go where many have gone before. Having fun though, WE ARE GOING TO F-ing WALLY WORLD & WE WILL ENJOY IT

Our equivalent to the UK's MOT here in Eire is the NCT. Luckily they have exemptions for vehicles 40+ years. Insurance companies get a little fussy but all they have to know is that it is a 1970 Beetle. "I can not tell a lie..." Thanks George.

No it is not done yet, I ran out of duct tape!!
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