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Itchy Sawzall Trigger Finger

With the top off let's try to lower it.

Here's the line up of post sections cut. Primarily the A & B posts. Taking it ever so cautious I only took about 2.5" off to see how she lined up.

Found out not so good if you don't cut the C nether regions. This is the area that perplexes me. Trying to keep it level yet not take too much off. So grind a little, set it on, check, take it off, and repeat 50+ times.


Car Ramp Prop

Whilst trying to check and grind over and over. Moving the top on my own was a real pain. I eventually took a car ramp I had and stood the smaller end up in the bug and let the top rest on the bigger end of the ramp. Worked a treat. So all I had to do was lift the top up, prop the ramp under it and grind away.

Oh Alfred, saw please.

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