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Default Re: V8Transporter's V8 Single Cab

Originally Posted by V8Transporter View Post
Yup, it's a manual four speed and took me a few weeks to figure out, along with the cable actuated clutch set up... It's actually more than just a 'linkage,' involving replacing the upper portion of the tranny's shift tower with a shop-fabricated bolt-on box. It'll make sense when you can see it in the photos.
Since she's running well with the new ignition, next comes the new wiring harness installation.
So do you have any pictures of the linkage? If so I can put them here if ya want

A new wiring harness, those aren't much fun to replace, I have never worked on a Transporter/Bus, but then again I'm sure yours isn't a normal wiring harness, but it may be just a few pieces of wire added on to connect the Ford engine
Speaking about a wiring harness, I think I'm gonna hafta start saving every penny I can and buy one for my Volksrod, it's broken and won't start, I'll explain all that in my own ongoing Volksrod page after the weekend

Originally Posted by Harold View Post
Bad ass . two of my favorites VW , and Ford .
Two of my favorites as well, FORD means Found On Ron's Driveway
I hope to get my Ford powered Bug back on my things to do list next year

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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