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Originally Posted by V8Transporter View Post
Got the contacts on the t/s switch cleaned. Then did a check at the old style fuses. All was fine, except at the one powering the flashing unit. A quick cleaning of the contact points where the fuse connects and, viola, turn signals! Gotta’ make certain there are brake lights and then we’re back on the road. Next I bring down the Ron Francis wiring harness, cause messing with the old system in getting, well, old.
Wiring is on my "to-do" list for my retirement.. I'm 15 years into my service now, but because I switched jobs in October, I have to commit to some extra time.. So now I got 7 years til I can retire..

Been telling the wife for years that when I retire, our "forever home" MUST have a large garage because I'm gonna gut my bug and rebuild it from the ground up.

Pull it inside, yank the engine, trans, and everything else, pull the body, redo floor pans, chop the top, install roll cage (I wanna drag for fun someday...), gut the electrical entirely and build a harness custom to suit what I want to install. custom seats (thinking buckets from an old fox body, but may change my mind if I find something I like better..) build custom storage where the back seat is. Gonna need a pro-street tranny cause I'm gonna finally build the 2276cc I've been collecting parts for since 2008.. still on the fence about doing it NA or turbo, I have a brand new set of Spanish 48IDFs, but turbo just sounds like both a nightmare and more fun :P make a custom fiberglass dash/console, etc, etc, etc, etc..

I figure if I plan it to take like 3 or 4 years to do everything I want to do, in Volksrodder fashion, I should have it done in just under 10 years..

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