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I have had several bugs so when I built my '63 with a 1600 single port with a later model doghouse fan housing. I got new heater boxes and took a leaf blower hooked to the back and blew out all the crap out of the heater channels. It filled the car and there was some stuff in there I don't know how it got in. It has a good heater just don't get stuck in stop and go traffic or you can't see thru the windshield. Thats a good tip about RainX antifog I'm going to try that. Temperature doesn't scare me, but the 22 years I've owned it it has never been in the snow. Salted roads in Mo. destroys VW's. Bought a '73 Thing new in '73 it had a gas heater but it was the coldest car I ever owned.
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