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Default Re: Effigy's history

So remember last year I was asking (maybe it was on facebook and not here, i forget..) if it looked like my alternator pulley was wobbling?

I think it was.

I noticed while out on Sunday that the belt was really loose, so tonight I was going to see if I could shim it better or if I just needed a new belt..

Pulled the 19mm nut off and the pulley just didn't look right...

Looks like it's been a problem for a while, but I swear it did not look like that when I put it together last year.

Any ideas on what would have caused this? I'm guessing too few shims? I honestly have no idea..

According to this:

To PROPERLY adjust the belt, you absolutely must start with the belt too loose, and remove 1-2 shims at a time until the correct tension is achieved. If you remove too many, you'll wind up tightening the nut until the belt is "tight enough", but the 2 pulley halfs are not squeezed together, and as the engine rotates the pulleys wear one another out. Every rotation the outer pulley moves out at the top, then in at the bottom, out at the top, until they are ruined. By doing it the 1-2 shim way, when you get the right tension the pulley halfs are tight against the shims and one another, and this movement and wear do not occur.
I think I just had WAAAAAY too few shims.. my belt was probably stretched the fuck out.. I only had 3 in place.. :/

yeah, I'm THAT kind of idiot :P

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