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Default Re: What did you do yesterday...

Back in 85 when I was replacing all the front suspension parts on my 74 Cutlass, I started off with the tie rod ends, the inners fit but the outters didn't, brought em back along with my original parts, turns out somebody swapped the parts from a Ford into the Olds box, they did the same thing with the ball joints, uppers were right but the lowers were wrong, same thing, somebody swapped the parts into different boxes, was the biggest PITA thing I ever did until I bought a starter for the same car in 89 from AutoZone, I splurged for the one with the lifetime warranty, after the 4th one went bad I took it back and asked for my money back, I quit buying parts from there when Oriely's opened up a half mile down the road, the only time I buy stuff from them is if it's a Sunday, otherwise I go to the place that opened up in 1962, I don't know what I'm gonna do if they ever close, they have always treated me right

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