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Default Rat Meet 1 9/25 weekend
Location: Chestertown Md.   

Just in case you missed the thread on the cutting board here is the info.

+++++!!!Needed for the event 220 gas welder!!!+++++

Getting together to install an air ride set up on my '51. Plenty of other stuff to do, wiring, get the engine running etc. And as usual if you have anything you want to buy/sell/trade bring it by.

I'll be grabbing beer, crabs and corn. I'm unemployed and broke so anything else is on you guys to grab. Not too far outa town that you can't grab wahatever we might need food wise. Got plenty of room in the house, 2extra rooms plus 2 sleeper sofa deals. Come for a day or come all weekend. This will be family friendly as well, 10 minutes to the beach, antique stores all around etc.

2 other things. We have 2 dogs, they are friendly. No illegal substances on the property. My girl is paramedic and it could cost her her job.

Please shoot me a PM if you think you might be stopping by.
"Go get a six pack and some fresh blades/cutting wheels, by beer 4 you'll be halfway done.

If you make it to beer 6 without cutting anything you need to be doing something else." - MrChainsaw

Split tail lights. Repop ok!
Split dash pods or measurements to make my own. Repop ok!


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