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Default Re: How is everyone doing ?

‘Doing okay out here. Yard work and plus the usual VW truck and motorcycle tinkering is keeping me busy. For the last 18 months Sherrie has been working a part time job as a fill in CFO for a local non-profit and now working from home. Last week I cut down a maple tree near the house which posed a fire hazard. Had to take the next day off after taking it down as I was pretty sore. This getting older is um, getting sort of, old. But now the wood is stacked, the rest of the debris gone.
Then there’s, the Wankel Suzuki. Picked up one rainy Friday afternoon while looking for Single Cab parts twenty-three, yes 23, years ago, it’s long been a running joke between Sherrie and I, and now a lot of friends. At the local hardware store I’ve been greeted with, “how’s the Wankel doing?” So, yesterday I got out a the manual to refresh my memory, fought the temptation to park it out front with a ‘FOR FREE’ sign, and spent a couple of hours figuring out how to static time the single rotor engine’s dual point setup. Right now there’s no spark. Sigh. So tune in’ to my next message in a day or so, hopefully titled, “THE WANKEL LIVES!!”
Stay safe out there!
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