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Default Hey from Papua New Guinea

Hello everybody. I'm an American living and working in Papua New Guinea. About a year and a half ago, an Aussie friend/co-worker of mine gave me a '69 Aussie spec Type 1 that had been painted up like Herbie. It needs a lot of work, but is worth saving. I joined this forum to learn more about VW's and to get inspiration.

PNG is a pretty rugged country, with very few good roads, so my plan to build this into some sort of Baja style bug that I can use to drive down to town (the city of Lae is 230 km/3-4 hours away). Overall reliability and good suspension will be important, while at the same time trying not to break the bank. Finding the right balance of those will be tricky, I know, but that's why I join forums like this one.
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