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Default Re: Texas VW Classic

Man I had a blast!

I looked around, saw one guy in a VR shirt, but I couldn't get him to stop by for a second.

I looked for EJ, - (eyounger) with the no mercy ambulance... no luck.

If anybody caught the guy behind the tan bug pulling the engine bay apart during the show... that was me.

An older lady lost her generator just north of lampassas, and went to bug acres on 190 to try and get it fixed.

Dale qouted her $600.00, and three days to do the job. WTF? I'm really dissapointed hearing that. So she drove the rest of the way to fredricksburg without one... just barely made it.

I told her to go grab one from a vendor, and she'd be fixed before she left that day.

Took me two hours to chase tools, get that damned bolt out of the back of the doghouse that goes into the oil cooler... swap out the genny, and get her back together.

Cost her $120. $60.00 for a remanned genny, and $50.00 she would not let me refuse... I didn't want to dammit. I was just pissed that somebody would try to take advantage of a fellow dubber like that.

So, that greasy, dirty, sweaty skinny guy was me.

If I met any of ya'll I enjoyed the hell out of it!

There are days when you feel like a rat in trap... But, I prefer the days when I feel like the cat watching the rat!

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It's "Cut, Weld, Drive"....not "Moan, Whine, Bitch.
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