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I alway wait until the 7th to start my new year, then 18 years ago I started the new year on the 2nd, hard to believe it's been 18 years since my kidney transplant, was at the doctor Wednesday and everything is great

I have been doing a lot of walking since we got the dog, I was averaging about 4 miles a week, since this past Saturday I have walked 17 miles, and I still have today, now if only I could get him to stop biting my the bottoms of my pants when we cross streets I wouldn't hafta pick him up, I put him on my shoulder to keep from hurting my back, the other day a guy told me I had an unusual parrot,
Something else I did back in October is giving up pain pills, I now know what it's like to hurt every day, but I'm gonna make up for it by exercising, I gained 18 lbs since giving them up, I only wish I could get all the muscle I lost back, half of it would do
Oh yeah, I had cataract surgery in December, I don't need glasses except to read

Hope everyone has a great new year, I know I will
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