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Finally, a day where I was not covering an event, shooting a car, and didn't have a list of "Honey-Do's" a mile long. SO, I got the Eastwood powder coater out, bead-blasted the backing plates, got them and the new axle seals and the right bearing caps, e-brake cables, etc all installed, and had to try sticking the wheels and tires on the back. I posted 2 photos in the member Intro/Project update area, so you can see I got some work done today. Man, getting those tires mounted on those arly Ford wire wheels is like a Monkey (No, not you, Ryan) trying to f**k a football !
I posted a close-up, so you can see how close the SoCal Imports, Inc. custom-studded rear drums fit the early Ford wire wheels. CLOSE, but NO ADAPTERS in back !!!
Next stop, 5 inch dropped I-beam front end, SoCal Look crossmember, Volvo discs, body work, wiring, etc etc. :D [img]style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smokin.gif[/img]

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