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Originally posted by Dave Cormack@May 14 2004, 04:25 PM

Next stop, 5 inch dropped I-beam front end, SoCal Look crossmember, Volvo discs, body work, wiring, etc etc. :D [img]style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smokin.gif[/img]
WOW! Dave that thing is going to be dropped to the ground. Is 5" too much when you use Marty's crosmmember? What is Marty using on his, a 3" or 5" drop? I'd think that the 3" would be enough, but I guess if you want it running in the weeds 5" is the only way to go.

The rear brakes look like a snug fit allright! I desided I am going to order my blank drums from so cal and have them stud them for 5x5 1/2 for my wires like you did. Thanks for the help with that by the way! Its going to be much more reasonable than getting some adapters made!

I see that your wires in the rear are 16x5 correct? I have a set that are 16's but they are only 4" wide, is this possible. Did they make both a 4" and 5" wide wheel? When I got them I thought they'd be a 5" cause now I have to run a 650-16 tire in the rear and that not nearly wide or tall enough for the overall look I'm trying to achieve. Now I have the dileema of trying to find some 17x3 for the fronts cause I can't run the same 16x4 in the front. I can't find a tire small enough to fit on them safely The best I found was a 500/525-16 by bf goodrich.
I'm not even sure if I can run a tire with a tread width of 4" on a 4" wide rim...can I? It just seems like too much of a perfect fit...on the small side. Anyway...project is looking great man...your making me jealous day after day!

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