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Originally Posted by whozawhat View Post
Is the final product still a two piece adjustable unit?
That is still the plan, yes.

I took some time at lunch today to run over to TechShop and laser cut the bits for the hood ornament and a few other fun things.

Have to say the laser cutter is amazing. Total cut time for everything was less than 5 minutes. Only spent an hour total monkeying around set it up and trying to remember stuff from the class the night before. All parts cut from 1/16", 3/32", and 1/8" balsa. Totally cool...

Oh might help.

The VOLKSROD script is only 1/2" tall by 2" wide...

Just dry assembled. Need to glue it all together and add the draft and stuff...

and a couple of shots of the fun stuff...

That is a 4" wide sheet of 1/8" balsa...

I will be assembling these and painting them up for the auction at Autorama this year.

The machine can also do laser etching of jpeg images on a variety of surfaces. Got some ideas for that capability too...

The wheel are spinning.

Can't wait for them to bring the waterjet online.
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