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Default Re: ignition upgrade

I need to get 2 fire extinguishers, one for the garage and one for my Volksrod, last year at this time I was using my forge with waste oil, my extinguisher in the garage wasn't any good so I took the new one I had out of my Volksrod, I had a tiny oil dripping from the forge into a metal pan, I pulled the knife billet out to forge weld it, my anvil is about 8 feet from my forge, a piece of slag flew into the pan, I grabbed the "new" fire extinguisher pulled the pin and squeezed, it just kind a coughed a timy bit of powder out and that was it, luckily I emptied everything out of my bigger fire extinguisher out into a can and had it sitting right next to the new one, I shook it on the fire and put it out.
I haven't fired up the forge since, I need to get another small one for the car
I never had a fire in any of my VW's, but back in 83 I had a fire in my 1970 Galaxie 500, driving and the car stalled like it was out of gas, pulled over and tried to start it, the diaphragm accelerator pump on the carb was leaking, gas splashed down onto the exhaust pipe and up it went, I jumped out popped the hood and flames went 25 feet high, I was helpless, finally some guy stopped with a 6 pack of beer, it makes a great fire suppressant, shake em up and pop the top and point, his girlfriend was mad about her beer but it worked
Next day $0.45 for a new diaphram, some plug wire scavanged from the dumpster where I worked and I was on the road again
I have always kept a fire extinguisher in my cars since

Sorry if I repeated that story but my brain is damaged, I tend to repeat myself at times

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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