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Default Re: 74 Super with Longitudinal Acura 3.2 V6

I agree with the torsional torque concern. However, I don't think I'll likely reach the torque limit. The 1/4 bolts are grade 8+. I don't think the copper spacers are doing too much. I suppose it will be one of the things I kind of get the feeling of during beta testing of the car.

But I'd hate to have the wheel come off in my hand when I'm trying to outbrake a 917K at the end of Mulsanne:)

I think the appearance in the photos do not do it justice. In the metal it looks a lot better I think. I was going for a jewelry/steam punk look. Maybe I'll paint the bolt heads black instead of orange. If I do, black will be the new orange, haha. Once the interior is cleaned up more it will look better too I think.
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